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Our mission is to sell you electricity at a lower price, to provide the easiest procedure for changing your previous supplier (all at one counter) and flexible forms of payment

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Main Activities

We carry out transactions with electricity on the territory of Bulgaria, which includes domestic market, export, import and transit.


El Bonus is a family-owned company, developing in the energy sector since 2005, and since 2017 its main focus has been on electricity trading.

  • 17,3 % average annual growth
  • 500 MW customer portfolio volume
  • top 10 largest energy traders in Bulgaria
  • 27 photovoltaic power plants
  • 11 hydro-electric power plants
  • 23 wind power plants

The company holds a license issued by the State Agency of Energy Regulation for Electricity Trading with included rights and obligations for standard and combined balancing group.

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80% of compensations for electricity prices over BGN 200 / MWh will be received by the business for May and June


80% of compensations for electricity prices over BGN 200 / MWh will be received by the business for May and June

The government, employers and unions have agreed on compensation for high energy prices.

Closing the loop – inclusion of the Bulgarian-Romanian border to the Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC)


Closing the loop – inclusion of the Bulgarian-Romanian border to the Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC)

Market coupling operations for the Bulgarian-Romanian border in SDAC were successfully launched on Wednesday 27th of October 2021, with first delivery day 28th of October 2021.

Our vision for a more successful business

Competitive advantages

As one of the leading energy traders in Bulgaria, the company has several key advantages over its competitors in the sector.


the company has fully digitalized operations as well as all processes related to electricity trading. At El Bonus, we believe that the future of the sector is in comprehensive digitalization, which provides better monitoring and accuracy for the benefit of our customers.


a leading advantage over many electricity traders in Bulgaria. "El Bonus is a company that stands by its reputation. For us, security of supply and sticking to financial commitments with our customers is key to success.


our team unites energy professionals who are always available to answer questions, address problems or provide information to the customers.


El Bonus is a company that provides flexible solutions to its clients in order to protect their best interest. We believe this creates long-term partnerships that withstand the dynamics of the sector.


As an energy trader, the company strives to make all processes happen with minimal involvement of our customers. We are a modern entity that tries to serve in the best possible way to its customers.


as part of a large family holding, the company has access to human and intellectual potential in various areas that can be of service to our customers - finance, legal services, investor potential and technical control in the implementation and operation of renewable projects.


Our main activities


Producers and traders

  • Fixed price purchase of electricity;
  • Purchase of electricity on an exchange index /floating price/;
  • Innovative forecasting and balancing model;
  • Mediation of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange /IBEX/;
  • Sale of guarantees for origin /green certificates/

Working with producers and traders of electricity is one of the main activities of El Bonus. The company has a large portfolio of customers who have different production profiles.

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  • Forecasts and exchange;
  • Security of supply;
  • Customized tariffs and products;
  • Sustainable Balancing Group;
  • Coverage of all networks;
  • Reliable business management systems;
  • Energy management and ESCO services for energy efficiency optimization and energy savings;
  • Generation and trading with white certificates from energy savings;
  • Long-term contracts.

With the ongoing liberalization of the Bulgarian energy market, identifying a reliable electricity supplier has become crucial.

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End users

Since the beginning of 2016, the free market has been open to all end-users, including households. The process towards full liberalization of the energy market is leading to increasing competition among traders, which benefits end customers.

For us at El Bonus, it is crucial to be recognized as a reliable supplier and to build long-term partnerships with our end customers.

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